Saturday? Really?

The Queen sits at the end of the couch next to Moose (not sure how/why he became a couch fixture) and keeps me motivated.  I found her on sale at a Disney outlet (probably because she’s so angry!) and I couldn’t resist the bargain…as it turned out, she was a hoot to have on vacation.  She’d scream, “I hate traffic!” whenever we got stuck at red lights and grouse about the cold weather as I was putting on tights under my jeans so I could explore sunny Florida without freezing to death.  And she absolutely could not stand crowds, long lines, crummy food, lack of internet service, fishy smells, or the least bit of inconvenience.  Now that she’s settled in here at home, she has become something of a drill sergeant.  She’s a real ball of fire, this one.

Here’s a pic of an ornament I received this year– stitched by Harriet as part of my local group’s annual exchange.  I stitched a penguin for Ginger, but I didn’t take a picture of it so I can’t show you that one.  It was pretty cute, though.  Trust me.

The current issue of Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine has the first of my three designs; looks as though they will be spread out over a few issues, too.  I’m jazzed about that :)

I’m going to have a little nap (or make some coffee, haven’t decided yet) and then get to work…  have a Happy Saturday Night!


8 thoughts on “Saturday? Really?

  1. Hey, the Queen was pretty good company at breakfast! She was a hoot! Your mommy did her voice really well, too. LOL This is officially my favorite picture now!

  2. The queen is awesome! And I just managed to find a copy of the magazine yesterday – love the designs you’ve got (in this one and coming up)! Congrats!

  3. Do you mind if I make a Queen’s Head ornament like the Disney doll and add Stitch Faster on the back side, then tell all my friends it was your idea?

    I am constantly telling a friend to Stitch Faster and would like to present her with something along these lines in needlepoint.

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