Wordless Wednesday

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Ok then, who’s the birthday girl Monique???
    Is it you??? Your daughter?? Come on
    now and fess up!!

    Look at all those frogs on the wrapping
    paper!! Is it safe having all those
    nasty green amphibians in the house
    near your stitching?? Don’t let ’em
    out of your sight ’cause they’re
    sneaky little critters!!

    That set of stacking cups/mugs in their
    stand is so cool and so retro looking.
    They’re fabulous!! Love their bright
    colors and they look as though they
    hold a nice, generous serving of your
    favorite beverage.

    Loved your photos of the Japanese store
    at Epcot. A store like that would be
    so dangerous for me to go into. I’d be
    in there for hours looking at all the
    fascinating things for sale and poor
    DH would be left cooling his heels at
    the door.

    Love your pillows in the Cross Stitch
    and Needlework magazine Monique. They
    are so pretty and look wonderfully
    magical to me. How exciting it must be
    to see something that you’ve designed
    featured in such a magazine, although
    I suppose you must be getting use to
    it by now. :)

    Sending lots of Happy Birthday wishes
    to the birthday girl … whoever she
    might be. Hope the day was a great
    one with lots of smiles and hugs and
    cake … chocolate cake … with
    chocolate icing …

    Ooops! sorry, that would be MY
    birthday cake of choice. What would
    yours be???

    Hugs!! Judy

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