sunday seven

1. Katie is sick, and I’m pretty worried about her.  She didn’t come to bed with me on Friday night (she has always gone to sleep when I do), and Saturday morning she was just not herself.  A visit to the vet revealed an unknown mass in her abdomen, and we’re scheduled to go back for another xray and/or ultrasound on Friday… but I may need to take her back in tomorrow morning because she seems a little uncomfortable at times.  She’s resting now, thank goodness.

2. We have another Winter storm headed this way… will it ever stop?  I can’t tell you how much I hate snow, ice, cold– all of Winter, really.  It makes me sad and crabby, and I don’t like feeling that way.  Well, who does? LOL  I wonder if there’s any place on Earth where it’s perpetually Fall?  (If you know of such a place, please let me know)  Here’s what NOAA has to say about this new storm rolling in:

Please pardon the gripe… I do realize that I have it easy compared to a lot of you, especially my Alaskan friend, Jen.  (I wouldn’t last 2 days in her world LOL)

3. On the bright side of things, I had a teeny finish! Lizzie Kate ornament from 2004 JCS mag:

4. I’ve recently discovered CSI (the classic version) and I’m completely hooked.  There are reruns all over the place, so I’ve captured an average of 3 episodes per day on my DVR… makes for good stitching time.  One thing in particular strikes me about this show: they use flashlights all the time.  I mean, do none of the places they investigate have electricity?  (obviously hitting the light switch isn’t in the training manual)  Find a body in broad daylight?  Quick, hand me a flashlight…

5. Tired of those squirrels getting into your bird feeders?  Order this book:

Me, I love squirrels.  A lack of yard squirrels is one of the biggest things I miss about city living.  Out here, in rural-ville, people eat them.  I use to feed them (on purpose!) when we lived down in civilization, but I’d just be fattening them up for the neighbors if I did that here.

When I was a kid, I had 2 squirrels named Nutmeg and Scooter.  They lived in the space between the screen and glass in my bedroom window. of course my parents didn’t know about them for the longest time, but when my mother started asking me why I never wore an expensive cashmere sweater she bought for me, I had to ‘fess up that I had ‘loaned’ it to my squirrels for nesting material.  That didn’t go over too well, and that was the end of the window nest.  I did, however, receive a new window screen.

6. Did y’all know about keyboard stickers??  I didn’t know such a thing existed… kinda neat:

7. today’s blinkie:


16 thoughts on “sunday seven

  1. CSI and flashlights. I had a diamond necklace that the dude gave to me, just a small pendant. It fell off the chain all of the time. One day I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I turned off the lights and got the flashlight. CSI to the rescue! (Of course it was stolen three years ago, and the real CSI couldn’t do anything about it…)

  2. I’m sorry to hear about Katie – I hope the news is better than you think.

    Cute finish – stay warm in that horrible weather!

  3. LOL @ CSI and the flashlights. I also love the ‘classic’ version (and the Miami version).

    People eat squirrels? OMG.

  4. Ohh! Love that Lizzie Kate ornament. I will have to search ebay for that mag.

  5. I sure hope your kitty is ok. I know I’m in the minority here but I L*O*V*E winter, especially snow. I can’t wait for this next biggie! (I hope they aren’t teasing me.) I’m making a big pot of chicken soup and got the fixins for snow ice cream.

  6. I’m sorry to hear about your sweet Katie, I hope she can recover fully and feel better asap.

  7. Oh Monique – I hope Katie is going to be ok. How old is she? Our Maddy will be 16 this year and I get panicky when she acts funny at all. She yells in the night, every night, when we go to bed and will NOT stop until you get up. She can’t get on all the furniture anymore because of the heights – I think it’s kitty arthritis. Here’s hoping your sweet kitty will be alright and sleeping with you again soon.

    LOVE those keyboard stickers – wow!!

    sp…a squirrel lamp would be SO FREAKY!! lol

  8. Hope Katie feels better soon. CSI – I’m always wondering why they take so many pictures and don’t use them. I keep wanting them to look at a photo and say hey I know who did it, just like Columbo *LOL*

  9. I’m a forensics fanatic and am studying to go into the field…the reason they can’t hit the light switches is because sometimes the bad guys can rewire the electricity to make things go off, or they can put things in the actual lightbulb that will ignite when the lights are turned on…so many different things that can happen…just fyi!

    CSI is a great show for it’s storylines, but like some physics/Star Wars nerds, I can usually pick out all of the inaccuracies in the show! :o)


  10. Monique…just happened upon your blog. It is lovely and you have some really wonderful talent as a designer!

    I am sorry that your kitty is sick, I hope that all is well with her soon. I too love CSI!

  11. Hi Monique,

    I’m so very sorry to hear that Katie is
    so sick. It’s heart breaking when our
    beloved pets are facing a potentially
    serious illness. You wish you could just
    wave a magic wand and make them better
    instantly. I will keep Katie in my
    thoughts and prayers and hope that all
    will be well for her and for you.

    I love the scrapbooking that you’ve
    been doing with your small stitching
    finishes Monique. They look just
    wonderful collected together into
    the one scrapbook and often with
    multiple pieces sharing one page.
    What a great way to display them
    and protect them at the same time.

    Hmmmm. I’m not so sure about that
    “squirrel” ad. Sorta gross if you
    ask me. I like squirrels too which
    is a good thing since we have lots
    around here and they’re all making
    good use of our “bird” feeders. We
    have the usual black and grey squirrels
    but we also have a little red squirrel
    which is as feisty and fierce as any of
    the others that are twice it’s size.
    They keep the cats entertained for hours.

    We’re expecting some bad weather in the
    next couple of days as well but we really
    can’t complain since we’ve had a pretty
    soft winter so far. We’ve got snow but
    it has usually come in short falls that
    total less then 5 cm. Wish it wasn’t
    coming in on a work day but what can you
    do?? How many days until Spring arrives?

    Take care and hang in there Monique.

  12. Monique,
    I am sorry to hear about Katie. I hope she gets to feeling better soon. My sister’s cat has the same name. I think everyone seems to be ready for winter to get over with. We live in the desert part of California. We rarely see snow. If we do as we did early this year it was only 2 inches. For the most part our winters here are nice. Last weekend was in the 60’s and we got out and rode our bikes. The evenings can get chilly in the 30’s. This week we will be in the 50’s which is still good for riding. The Lizzie Kate finish is adorable.
    I love the story about the squirrels. I don’t know if I would want stickers on my keyboard. I will keep Katie in my thoughts.

  13. Monique, I hope Katie is ok. We lost a kitty in mid-December to an abdominal tumor, so I know the worry and uncertainty you are going through. As for the snow, we’re expecting it, too, although it’s unclear whether we will get the sleet and freezing rain. They always say “south of the city”, but how far south? Yes, we are south. But it’s like that “south of the thruway” – we are just a little over that line, so we pay attention to both forecasts! LOL

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