dire warnings

Our Winter Storm Warning was upgraded to a Blizzard Warning this afternoon… yikes!   I’m trying to do the things that require electricity before it hits; every blanket/quilt we own is clean and standing by, and we have giant marshmallows, cookies, and Doritos in the pantry.  Our house is all electric so when the power goes out we’re doomed LOL

Thanks so much for all the well-wishes for Katie!  She did have to go back in this morning (during an ice storm–talk about stress) but a different doctor was able to see that she had something else besides the mass wrong with her and corrected that problem.  She’s got medicine to start tomorrow, and we’ll still have to schedule an ultrasound sometime in the near future to investigate that mass, but her immediate problem has been taken care of.  So, yay!


5 thoughts on “dire warnings

  1. Hi Monique,

    Glad to hear that the Vet has been able
    to treat Katie’s immediate problem.
    It’s good to know that she’ll be feeling
    better soon. Will continue to hold her
    in my thoughts and prayers though.

    We’re expecting a major snow dump here
    too which is due to arrive in about 24
    hours. Would love to bunker down and
    wait it out at home but we’re expected
    into work no matter what so we’ll see
    how that goes.

    Take care. Judy

  2. That is good news about Katie…I hope she continues to do well.

    I know a lot of people who are getting hit hard this year with snow. Stay safe.

  3. Blizzard? We still have those in this country? Seriously, keep warm, dry, and safe. How much snow are you expecting? We are supposed to get 1″ – 4″ on Tuesday, then 12″ – 22″ (depending on who you listen to) Tues. PM – Thurs. AM. I think this is the winter that will never end. At least it seems like that.

  4. I noticed the same thing about CSI. I am always talking to the TV and telling them to turn on the lights! We have the same blizzard coming our way. It has switched to freezing rain now.

  5. Love the snowman! What a face! Sorry to hear about your Katie. Hope everything turns out all right in the end. Loved going back and looking at your scrapbook post. I’m afraid that may be the eventual fate of most of my littles, but I’m still holding out hope, at least for the Christmas ones.

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