from xs to felt

I love this design (Me & You Sampler by Midsummer Night Designs), but our little house is white so I wanted a white house.  But I hate stitching with white because it always lays funny for me and looks fairly awful.  (anyone else have that problem?)  I decided to convert the house to felt and applique it instead.  Problem solved!

I used a scrap of Aida the same count as my base fabric and cut pieces to size using the cross stitch chart.  I’m stitching on Aida, but this would work on linen, too… just use 14ct. for 28ct., 16 ct. for 32 ct., and so on.

I used the Aida templates to cut out the felt bits:

And this is how it will look when I get it all stitched onto my base fabric:

I decided to skip the chimneys, to give the little house a more contemporary feel.  I haven’t had time yet to actually sew the house down, but I think it will look pretty cute, and it’s certainly an easy solution to my problem.  Now that I think about it, there are several designs I’ve seen that I like but have a ton of solid stitching… this method might be good to use on some of those, too :)


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