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“The Elf” has finally been re-charted (it was lost in a computer crash) and listed on my website.  Also back in stock are: “bookmarks 1“, “grace“, “home“, “home blessing“, and “hoot“.  I apologize for the delays… I’ve had a string of events involving both computer and printer crashes, extra long vacations, and pre-teen girl dramas that kept me away from the business side of things for a while.  All is straightened out now!  Well, except for the drama but I suppose it will be another decade before that calms down so I better just get on with My Mark stuff, eh?

I have another design in the newest CSN magazine– part 2 of my Faith, Family, & Friends series!  I really enjoy doing magazine designs; hope to do lots more :)

I’ve been getting emails about my threadholders… specifically my lack of them!  Here’s the scoop:  the materials I use to make them require ventilation, and we’ve had a pretty harsh Winter.  It’s been too cold to open up the windows and I’m not made of sturdy enough stock to stand outside and try to paint them.  I promise that the very second it’s warm enough to make some more, I will.  One of my Springtime goals is to expand the threadholder line, so new designs will be coming as well.  Thank you, thank you for loving these things as much as I do!

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