I”ve been stitching on LHN’s Home of a Needleworker 2…

and cooking!

Weird, I know.  I seem almost domesticated…

Today we woke up to a snowy morning– quite a shock!  Poor E. stayed in her jammies until the very last minute… I think she was hoping for a snow day.  I’ll be glad when next week gets here, so we can enjoy her Spring break!



7 thoughts on “03-25-11

  1. Your LHN is looking lovely! But I am intrigued by the food photo under it! Looks like a yummy pasta dish!

  2. Hi Monique,

    Staying home on a snow day, wearing
    pajamas all day, stitching and being
    lazy. Sounds like the ingredients
    for the perfect day to me.

    Unfortunately we still have to go
    out and fulfill our various commitments
    no matter what the weather. Phooey!!

    Your Home of a Needleworker is looking
    good so far. Lovely Spring colors there.

    Our snow is melting pretty quickly
    because the sun is out but our
    temperatures are well below seasonal
    and will remain so for awhile. The
    weather folk tell us that we’re in
    for a cool, wet Spring. Wish they’d
    kept that little bit of forecasting
    to themselves, thanks very much.

    Have a fabulous weekend!!


  3. Gorgeous stitching – love the colors!!

    We might get snow tomorrow night – just CRAZY I tell ya … this is VA and it’s MARCH! :)


  4. your LHN looks georgous just love the color conversion can you share it?

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