the blurple room

One of my biggest projects this summer was upgrading my daughter’s room from light blue and little girl-y to something more suitable for an almost teen.   She chose her own color scheme of blue-purple, white, and black.  For the record, she was torn between lime green and blurple… I think she made the right decision.


As you can see, Katie was a really good helper:

The desk hasn’t been painted yet because it’s been too hot outside.  I went ahead and re-covered the chair seat–  later I’ll paint it white with black accents like the nightstand frog table.

I think my favorite thing in this room is the built-in shelving unit around the bed. It was there before, but it looks so much better filled with books than it ever did stuffed with toys!  There’s a light mounted to the underside of the long shelf, so she can read at night, too:

There’s a blurple glow that comes out of her room now, which adds a nice surreal flair to our hallway.  My daughter is really happy with it, I’m really happy that it’s finally done, and hubby is really happy he didn’t have to do much of anything.


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