vision is a handy thing

I haven’t been blogging, stitching, designing, reading, or doing anything else that requires concentrated focusing. For the past few weeks I’ve had blurry, weird vision due to an infection which I forgot the name of.  (apparently my memory is affected as well)  Last week my eye doctor prescribed me some drops and reassured me that it’s nothing awful, just merely annoying.  I’ll be going back again in another week or so; hopefully she’ll see signs of improvement.

My eyeballs were feeling pretty groovy this morning, but I ruined them by spending too much time on the computer this afternoon.  Tonight I’m going to try stitching this cute squirrel design… I found some big-holed linen and with any luck my head won’t explode ;)

4 thoughts on “vision is a handy thing

  1. Hopefully your head won’t explode — I don’t think that would help the situation at all but it would take your make off your eyes. Take it easy and REST, young woman, REST!

  2. Sorry your eyes have been giving you fits. I know, I suffered from allergies earlier in the season. Makes stitching almost impossible. Hope all goes well tomorrow.

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