Kitschy Friends and Bad Bones

How nifty is this little squirrel?!  When Tanya told me she was mailing something she’d picked up for me, I never imagined that it would be a squirrel made up entirely from weeds!  (although really, who would guess that?)  I tell you, I was absolutely giddy when I peeled back the tissue to reveal such a perfect example of kitschy goodness…

I placed him on the windowsill next to my lucite owl, and they are becoming fast friends.

In other news:  My visit to the dentist this morning did not go as expected.  I went in for X-Rays + a cleaning, and came out with a treatment plan that qualifies me for “Extreme Makeover, Mouth Edition”.  Apparently I have some bone loss issues that need to be addressed.


3 thoughts on “Kitschy Friends and Bad Bones

  1. Ugh. I hate dentists. Niek went in about a year ago, not long after we moved here, about some ongoing bad breath issues and came out with a price tag of approximately 10 grand to fix it. Yes, 10,000. None of us have dared go since then. Thank heavens, they have a dental clinic for children here. Good luck with your Extreme Makeover Mouth Edition!

  2. The squirrel is precious! And I can see why he’d want to be friends with the lucite owl too – so cute! Sorry to hear about the dentist. I’ve had my own bout with that this year and am not feeling the need to go back any time soon!

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