oh boy.

Jell-O?  check

Book?  check

Tranquilizers?  Snuggle frog?  check check 

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be heading back in for round 2 of my Big Dental Adventure.  I decided to spend the weekend recovering at my parents’ house because the DDS office is a long drive from home, and I’ll be feeling icky afterwards.  And because if I’m here, I’ll feel like I should be doing something productive.  And also because no one can make my mom’s pudding or Feel Better Chicken Noodles the way she can.  No one.

Have a great weekend!  Eat something crunchy for me :)

3 thoughts on “oh boy.

  1. I am SO glad you’ll be recouping at your parents’ house and taking it easy. Try to get that Feel Better Chicken Noodle recipe from her, too. ;)

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