Jackson Pollock, Autumn Rhythm

My Autumn is shaping up to reflect this Pollock painting… a fine mix of dreary and crazy.  I’ve been a horrible blogger, my energy level has been very low, and I haven’t been able to design my way out of a paper bag– yet I feel like I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to sit still for ten minutes.  I was going to pop on here to put my blog on an “official” break because I haven’t had anything much to share lately but then I thought of about 5 posts I wanted to make.  See what I mean?

The heck with it. For now, for today, I’m going to focus on getting ready for a stitching retreat.  I have to choose/kit/pack all those projects that I always take but almost never even work on because I find something new I want to stitch the first time we stop at the local shop ;)

Have a wonderful week!



4 thoughts on “seriously?

  1. Your retreat sounds like fun. I am feeling much the same way — I am totally burned out on everything — I do still like to blog and stitch but my love of quiltiing has gone south and it seems all I want to do is declutter and read. I hope this passes soon!

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