the Branson haul

This time last week I was in Branson, at one of my semiannual stitching retreats.  I left my camera at home this time so I don’t have any pictures of the actual event but I made sure to snap a pic of my yummy stash haul after I unpacked my stitching bag.  I was in a Hinzeit mood, apparently… and I got the fabric cuts and floss for all of them, too!  (they’re in with the chart bags so you can’t see them in the pic)  Of course I also found scissors, fabric, and threads that I couldn’t live without.

That turquoise-y linen on the left?  That’s what I plan to stitch the Six fat men on.  I’ll be changing the “Really Teally” and “Huckleberry” that the design calls for into purples… it’s gonna be bright and cheery for sure. The extra linen cuts are pieces I just liked– I have nothing planned for them.

I fell in love with Theresa’s design, Weeds Make Haste but the colors were just a bit dark for the mood I was in so I picked up a few Threadworx skeins to switch out for what was called for.  And then I had to have a few more skeins for another project which I’ll also probably never get around to stitching.  The Watercolours are ‘just because’…  I’ve been slowly building up my set of Watercolours ‘just because’ I think they’re pretty.

I spent most of my time shopping, visiting, eating, or napping… I didn’t do a whole lot of actual stitching.  I started a few new projects and by now they’ve been tossed into my WIP drawers.  I keep thinking it’s about time for a WIP check post, but I’m almost afraid of what I’ll find!  I’ve been a serial starter this year, to be sure.

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  1. Looks like a totally fabulous haul!!!!!! All I want to do next year is go to stitching retreats! At least once a month! A girl has to dream right! Glad you had a good time! I am with you in the serial starter club!

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