wasn’t it January like 10 minutes ago?

WOW, 2012 is just zipping right along.  It seems like my birthday (Jan 19) was just a few days ago and here it is almost time for market!

I thought a share a picture of all of the personal stitching I’ve done so far this year:

Yep, that’s it.  That’s my big start on Linda’s Six Fat Men.  Look at me go…

I actually have been stitching quite a bit, but it’s all been work related stuff.  Assuming I don’t forget or get sidetracked, I’ll post pics of that next time :)

Have a Fabulous Friday!


4 thoughts on “wasn’t it January like 10 minutes ago?

  1. Yes, about 10 minutes ago. And by the looks of things, it’ll be March in about 6 minutes. I never was good at math, though. ;)

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