PM “April”

Uh oh… I just noticed that I forgot to do the eyeballs on the bunny!  Well, I’ll count this as an “almost finish” for now ;)

4 thoughts on “PM “April”

  1. Whoops on the eyes! A very cute finish even with the blind bunny!

    Okay, I changed your address in my reader. You NEED to update your icon to the little snowlady or I won’t remember who you are (roflol)

  2. Seems the easiest way for me to catch something I missed is to take a pic and post – lol – always shows up then! Do still love it, though, Monique.

  3. Isn’t it funny how we don’t notice something until we take a photo of it?! And I have to say, the Darth Vader is a perfect touch to the photo. LOL!

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