We have a new family member!  Hermione Alice is super-sweet but Hubby hates rodents and won’t welcome her into our home.  She’ll be living at Grandma’s house, which is why her last name begins with an L instead of a K… Grandpa has been calling her “Hal”, which I guess when I think about it sounds way better than “Hak” so that’s OK.  She looks like an “Alice” to me, but Daughter insisted on a more complicated name, so “Hermione Alice” it is!

You know, before two people get  married there’s all that talk about life’s goals, how many kids you want, are you a spender or a saver, and so on… but everyone forgets to talk about the important stuff like should the toilet paper unroll from the top or the bottom side, whether you prefer open windows or air conditioning, and if it’s ok to have a pet hamster.


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  1. Niek also said no rodents in the house when we met, but between the kids and myself, we outnumber him. ;) Hal is adorable.

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