WIP status, part 1

041713wip3041713wip4041713wip1 041713wip2 Well I do love a good START, obviously.

Pictured above:

    1. the Lizzie Kate Fat Men series… what was I thinking? I hate stitching with white!
    2. “Almost Halloween” by The Drawn Thread
    3. that Jeannette Douglas treasure box thing that everyone but me has already finished
    4. Praiseworthy’s “Hope”… I’ve just about abandoned any hope I had of stitching this one
    5. a little Handblessings Halloween design
    6. “My Soul is Fed” by I forgot who and I’m too lazy to get up and look
    7. LHN’s “HOAN” (because random bits of floss on the furniture aren’t enough of a clue)
    8. a coffee design by Stoney Creek, I assure you it’s NOT actually a “quick stitch”
    9. a really cool French design by someone who’s name I can neither pronounce nor spell
    10. “Strawberry Town” by the re-un-retired again Kathy Barrick
    11. JBW’s little tote set… SO pretty but what a PITA to stitch inside those bags!

more on this subject tomorrow

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