WIP status, part 2




Continuing on from yesterday’s post, we have:

12. Erica Michael’s “Hope”
13. Quaker Egg, on some really cool Aida that looks like eggshell if you squint
14. the names of Jesus, the neverending project
15. “Give Thanks” (for the record, 5 colors in 1 letter makes stitching UNfun)
16. Xmas Sneak Peek, yep I finished a whole star
17. LK “Fall Alphabet”
18. one of the Santa’s Village squares; I didn’t care for the colors so I used different ones, but I don’t care for these either. Maybe it’s actually the design I don’t care for?
19. “Rizz Inn” by Silver Creek (I may finish before the Second Coming)
20. LK’s “chicks”… so close!
21. LK’s ornament from 2012
22. LK’s Halloween Mystery Sampler, and this one I *must* finish, because I spent like $472 for the materials. At least it’s really cute.

I started a new one last night that isn’t pictured here. Also, I didn’t count any WORK projects. Or the WIP in my car. Or the one I keep at my parents’ house, now that I think about it…


2 thoughts on “WIP status, part 2

  1. Monique, your WIPS are truly awesome projects! I love the variety of them all, but can’t imagine putting some of those down. Guess that’s why I’m more of a one-at-a-time stitcher.

  2. I can’t help it………I think my heart skipped a beat while checking out all your WIPS. I have, on occasion, had two going at the same time but that’s rare. Your WIPS are all lovely but lonely LOL!!! I understand the need for change and sometimes wish I could adapt but
    —– I just can’t do it!

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