Here comes 2014…


In 2013 I posted a total of 5 times to this blog.  FIVE.  Sometime during 2012 I got sucked into the vortex of facebook, and WP changed their format to something a bit harder for this girl to figure out… two factors which dealt my blog a nearly fatal blow.   But gosh, I miss my blogging friends!  And being able to feed my narcissistic tendencies by reviewing all the neat stuff I made.  Or did.  Or bought.

So my resolution for 2014 is pretty simple: I plan to make an effort to rejoin the blogging community.  Notice I said “make an effort” and didn’t commit to  actually doing it… there’s a chance I can keep this resolution ::: wink, wink :::

Part of the problem I have is that about 60% of what I do in my life is stuff I can’t talk about.  Oh, nothing nefarious (I know that’s what you were thinking) just work I do that is either bound by confidentiality agreements, or that can’t be made public until it’s… um … made public,  or is just plain not anyone’s business.  But it’s cool stuff, I assure you!  About 20% of what I do is called ‘taking a nap’, and really doesn’t make for exciting blog posts.  Only about 18% of my life is share-worthy, and usually after I’ve finished the 2% I spend on domestic duties, I’m too tired to blog about it.

But here I am, on this beautiful January 1st morning (any morning I wake up alive is a beautiful one) having coffee and diving in to blogland… so 2014 is off to a great start, eh?  To the two people left who still read my blog:  I wish you a lovely, wonderful, happiness-filled year!

12 thoughts on “Here comes 2014…

  1. Wow, I may have to resurface as well. This peer pressure is killing me. (I blogged 3 times in 2013. You win.)

  2. Well, there are at least three of us. I’m going to assume your wish for the two readers will extend to the third if I pull hard enough. Welcome back!

  3. I’m another one hoping you’ll keep up the blog posts! I always enjoy them, even if I don’t comment on them. ;)


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