my 2014 start


Every January First I start a new, big, serious project.  Well, big to me. I know a 199 x 199 project would barely register as a medium size for most stitchers, but given that my designs generally run in the 25 x 36 neighborhood  anything over 100 is a BAP to me.  But hey, size doesn’t matter ;)

The important stuff: “Crosses of the Kingdom” by Rosewood Manor with Crescent Colours floss on 32ct. Flax linen.  Looking at this picture, you might think that I have a plan for the color scheme, but I don’t.  I just selected a handful of colors I liked, tossed ’em on some different linens to see which most appealed to me, and this is what came up.  I’ll make it up as I go along.

For the record: I have never finished any of my big & serious New Year’s starts– though I’m dangerously close to finishing the one I started in 2009.   Most have wound up getting chopped up (to save the unused linen, you know) and tossed.  A few I have given away to good homes, to stitchers who promised to love them and finish stitching them.  Could this be the year I finally do it??

4 thoughts on “my 2014 start

  1. That is a beautiful pattern. I have been working on one that I think I bought from you — a dragon with the caption something about a ferocious beastie — well, I had gotten half way through it and am having to pull the whole thing out because something is wrong and I just can’t find it!!!! I want to finish the thing because I want to hang it in my bathroom but now I have to start all over! Happy New Year, Monique — glad ot have you back in the blog world.

  2. That piece you started for your 2014 new, big, serious project is beautiful. I have added it to my ginormous wishlist! Look forward to seeing your progress on it.

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