David Garrett at The Fox

Last Friday my father, daughter, and I went to the David Garrett concert (no one else in the family could be suckered into going to a violin concert) and OH.MY.GOSH. was it ever wonderful!  I get it– most people imagine a violin concert to be a real snoozefest, but DG is a crossover artist and does contemporary music, too.  We heard everything from Tchaikovsky to AC/DC.

My favorite Garrett arrangement, The Fifth, was not on his set list for the night but…..

We were sitting at the end of the 8th row back and when he came out into the audience to play, he was RIGHT BY ME!!  Thank goodness my dad kept his cool and was able to capture this moment:


Someone sitting on the other side of him took a little video (thank you mystery girl!) and I’m in it a smidge…

There were only 20 US cities for this tour and I’m thrilled that St. Louis was one of them, and even more thrilled that I got to attend!  If you ever get the chance to see DG perform live,


claping hands