reflection is the leading cause of redecoration


I’ve hit that time of year, when my birthday fast approaches, that I start to feel a bit reflective… and not always in a shiny, sparkly way.  I wonder if I’ve done enough with my life, if I’m on the path to becoming who I’m meant to be, if I really need to keep that 15 year old sweater or if I can just toss it already.  That sort of thing.

And I also feel like doing something to mark the occasion.  Like maybe I should cut my hair extremely short, or get another tattoo, or redecorate the living room, or… well, something.

I decided that this year I’d just do something simple and bring my bead supplies upstairs.  I have (er, had?) a nifty area all set up in the basement for playing working with beads, but I noticed that as the temps dropped outside, the number of times I went downstairs to bead also dropped.


I think this will meet my needs for both making a change and for staying warm while beading. One nifty benefit to the move is that I uncovered a few bags of beads that I had purchased on a trip last year and never put away properly so forgot about them entirely so yay for that, too.

Of course, making myself a beading closet has caused the rest of the room to be out of whack, turning my supposedly simple something into more of a major something as now I have to move things around in the entire room…

I probably should have just gone for the haircut.