my simple ditty bag tutorial

This is my quick & dirty, no measuring required, simple method of creating a little drawstring bag.  If you’re like me and far too impatient for preciseness, this is the way to go :)


To start, I used a piece of linen that was cut 8 x 18.  I folded it in half and centered the design on the top half of the fabric… this picture shows the placement of my finished stitching.  I then laid it on top of a piece of muslin and loosely cut to size. 2

Next, I folded my linen/muslin combo in half and ironed in a sharp bottom crease. 3

I turned my top edges in just a tad, maybe not quite an inch, to provide a finished edge on the top of the little bag. 4

I made those edges super sharp with the iron, eliminating the need for pins, which I personally find very tedious to use in sewing projects. I’m too impatient to pause to remove them… I just want to zip along with my machine!

(However, I will pause the machine for an official Cat Inspection) 5

For my next trick, I ran a line of sewing a little bit away from the top edge on both sides… I didn’t measure, just used the guideline on the base plate of my machine that I thought looked the best distance from the top. 6

And then I flipped the whole shebang over and ran a second seam across both edges, using the presser foot to guide me this time.  That second seam provided the track for the drawstring to run through. 7

I folded my bag with right sides together and (after changing the thread to something bright) sewed the two side seams, just eyeballing the distance away from my stitching. 8

I changed the thread back to the one that matched my linen and ran a seam down each side, just to the inside of those bright lines I had recently put in… 9

and this is what I was left with after all that… 10

So I cut right up the sides, again using that bright thread line as a guide. 11

I flipped the whole thing inside out and pressed it a bit…. almost done! 12

After braiding my DMC to make a drawstring, I stretched out a paper clip and tied the thread to one end so I could pretty easily get that thread through the little track I had made earlier.  I did that to both sides, knotted the ends, and viola!

It is finished.

For the record, the design I used for this tutorial was “Scatter Sampler Ditty Bag” by The Primitive Jewel (hey, that’s me!) which you can find at your favorite needlework shop. 011515tpjlogo