Misc. Monday

*** I’ve misplaced the model I stitched for the 2009 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue! I sort of remember thinking “I better put this some place where I won’t lose it” when the box came in the mail, but I’ll be darned if I can figure out where the safe place is.

*** this week’s reading:

*** a stitchy finish, LK “tiny tree” ornament done over 3 linen threads with DMC Perle:

*** new additions to the scissor fob selection on my website:

*** Our Christmas tree is up but not decorated yet. Well, it has 3 ornaments on it right now but only because I just bought them… haven’t gotten the ornaments from the basement yet. Judging from posts I’ve seen on facebook and blogs, it seems like a lot of us just aren’t ready this year!

*** Tomorrow I’ll be going to see Jesus Christ Superstar! The film came out in 1973 and has been one of my faves ever since. Seriously. I know every word by heart –which isn’t saying much after 36 years of listening to the soundtrack, but still. I’m a big fan. HUGE fan. I’ve seen the play (er, rock opera) every time it’s come to my city; the best tour was the one with Carl Anderson playing Judas. I’m a little concerned about Ted Neeley’s age and whether his 60-something year old voice can still belt out the tunes, but I have no doubt that I’ll enjoy myself immensely even if he can’t.

I just remembered that I got into big trouble in grade school for teaching my classmates one of the songs from JCS! I went to a strict, religious school and any type of fun was frowned upon.

Hosanna, hey, Sanna, Sanna, Sanna,
Ho-sanna, hey, Sanna, Ho-sanna.
Hey JC, JC, won’t you smile at me?
Sanna, Hosanna, hey, Superstar.

stashing, reading, and drinking

Yesterday’s mail brought a few new charts. I don’t have the cat body for that “Meowy Time”, and I’m not going to stitch any of the other months… but look at November:

I couldn’t resist. A turkey under an acorn tree? That’s Fall at its finest.

Time to start the Christmas cards! I usually procrastinate so well that they turn into Happy New Year’s cards instead but this time I’m ready for it. Heck, I think I’ve been ready for Christmas since August this year.

Remember when I posted about the Pride & Prejudice comic books that Marvel was doing? And how I wanted them so badly? I searched high and low and could never find the full set so I went for the hardback book of all 5 issues together instead. And it’s neat. Here’s a pic of the scene where Darcy insults Elizabeth’s family while proposing:

This is a cover shot of one of the issues. I think the headline “what to think when he thinks you’re thinking” is great. This should lead to a spin-off, “what to think when she thinks you’re thinking”…. now that would be useful for a certain hubby I know ;)

If you haven’t tried this tea, you must. It’s fantastic and it induces merriment.

Just 35 sleeps ’till Christmas…

the Quirky Jane books


I’m finished with Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. I didn’t finish reading it, but I’m done. It was weird, silly, and somehow just wrong. The cover art was the best thing about it. Well, that and the part where Jane beats the heck out of Darcy when he tries to propose the first time. But overall I’d have to rate it as “not so good”.

Glutton for punishment that I am, I plan to start Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters tonight. The cover art is not as good as on the first book, so maybe the inside will be better(?)


ps. the glitch causing my blinkies to freeze up has been fixed! I can blink again :)