the death of Cheese

:::::::: WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS BELOW :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Sweet little Cheese, the family’s platypus, has died a fiery death. Well, almost. He climbed up to the top of the table lamp, sat on the light bulb (remember he was cute but not too smart), and burned his bottom! My daughter and I were looking at something on the computer when we smelled the burning flesh fur and yanked him down to safety…

… but it was too late! You can see in the next photo how his fur was just melting onto the bulb; I’m glad he was right next to us because that really could have been BAD.

If you didn’t know Cheese very well, you can see some posts about his adventures in my blog’s “Cheese” category. Things just won’t be the same around here without him…

I made up this little memorial for him and tried to focus on the happy times, and not be too sad. It’s what he would have wanted.

Cheese enjoys Market


Last night I took Cheese’s to his first TNNA show, and he had a great time schmoozing with the designers! One of his favorite places was the Rosewood Manor suite, where he got to see Karen’s new release “Quaker Diamonds” in person. I think he kept calling it “Quacker Diamonds” but she was polite enough not to correct him.

He was really checking out her bellpulls too, which sounds dirty but it wasn’t.


Cheese started feeling a little festive in DebBees Designs’ room, so Debbie let him sit by her Halloween model while we chatted… and chatted…


He was getting a little tired from all the riding around in my purse he had been doing, so he stopped in Butterfly Stitches‘ room to have a little nap on this ducky quilt Connie made:


Then he had too much energy to sit still while I tried to look at the newest Sue Hillis Designs releases; Sue was sweet enough to let him jump into her treasure chest. He was very cute but distracting, so I’ll have to go visit Sue again tomorrow. Alone.


I took other pictures, but they just didn’t come out well enough to bother sharing. The one below is blurry but I had to share it anyway because it’s pretty funny:

092509 needlepointers

There was a group of young bachelor party guys who made a banner to hang from the rail like the designers do… it says, “Needle Pointers will poke anything”.

Today I was in the Kelmscott suite, surrounded by lovlies! Paula distributes a few designers, so I got to share space with a variety of models… including those for Plum Street Sampler’s newest releases. (Paradise Lost is just gorgeous in person) I’ll be in there again for a while tomorrow, too!

Gotta scoot now, but my next post will continue the market report :)

Cheese + ABQ = fun

Cheese has already unpacked (and put away his souvenirs!) so I’ll post his pics first:


At an Old Town souvenir shop, Cheese jumped right in to find the perfect hat. People were watching him (and I think whispering about him behind his back), but he wasn’t as embarrassed as I would have been if I’d been the one caught playing in a giant basket of sombreros.


He spent a lot of time watching the flamingos at the Rio Grande Zoo, although I suspect it was mostly because he found a nice shady spot. Those flamingos were stinky.


Nothing beats sipping an Icee in a rose garden on a lovely day.


Cheese giggled at this snake trying to figure out how to eat him… but when we went to the Rattlesnake Museum where the cages are more open, he wasn’t so brave. He wouldn’t even come out of the backpack!


Poor Cheese! He isn’t used to such hot weather (even though it’s a dry heat) and had to take a siesta in a cactus patch. We went into the bead shop while he was napping (because really, what else is there to do while your platypus naps?) and came out with these:


I feel a beading frenzy coming on.
(I won’t tell you that I went to FIVE bead shops in New Mexico)

More later!

painted on clouds

How pretty is this?! Yesterday evening the clouds looked so beautiful, I had to snap a few shots:


like cloud mountains…


This morning I was busy designing, so I asked Cheese do the drawing for my Bent Creek WIP. (he doesn’t know how to write, so my daughter helped with the names) He threw all the slips of paper into a basket, and dived in to grab one:


And the winner is…


Michelle (her blog) I’ll be emailing you in a minute, Michelle… thanks for offering to give my WIP a new home. I think it’s a good idea to offer up WIPs; it could save a lot of projects from the dreaded UFO status!


new hair, etc.


I got my hair cut yesterday and I love it! It’s crazy choppy, with uneven ends… my daughter said I look like a punk rocker but she’s to young to know what that really means. Once upon a time, I did sport a punk hairstyle and this is not what it looked like. (for one thing it’s all the same color) BTW, the picture was taken using the mirror we have stuck on our fridge, which is why there’s a list of acceptable foods showing there. Hmm… I didn’t have one of those in my punk days.


Cheese has discovered video games and I think he’s hooked… he’s getting pretty good, too.


Made a little more progress on my Jan1 project. The colors are prettier in person. Really.


OK, so it’s getting down to the wire… I’ve decided to just list this Valentine’s design in my Etsy shop while we are all still feelin’ the love of the holiday. This will be a standard issue My Mark chart, just like the other My Mark charts you’ve gotten from your LNS, not a PDF pattern. And if you prefer to have your LNS order it for you, that’s OK, too. It just hasn’t made it to the distributors yet (and I don’t know if it will, actually) so the Etsy shop is a convenient option :)