Attic Needlework in AZ

I haven’t visited more than about a dozen shops in the US, but The Attic has to be one of the most beautiful in existence. The owner, Jean, does such an amazing job with the store displays… It’s clear she has a passion for cross stitch!
I was fortunate enough to spend an entire Friday hanging out here, and the entire day was just lovely. I met a few fellow designers and a customer who had stitched several of my designs, and also found a few things I needed to buy.










Yep, this is stitching heaven…

WIP Wednesday

IMG_0897Yes, it’s still Almost Halloween… and I have my doubts that it will ever get here!  I don’t know what it is about this design, but whenever I flip through my WIP drawers to see what I’m in the mood to stitch, I never pick this one.  It may get ditched in my next WIP culling.

IMG_0896Here’s my progress on The Sewing Bird by With Thy Needle and Thread.  I had been planning to use as a future gift for a friend, but she beat me to it and stitched one for herself!  It’s a good thing I like it because this one is now for ME ;)


I would love to get this finished up by Easter…


Start of a Pine Mountain pillow kit from 2013, I think?

new start

BCrow010115Here’s my new start for 2015: Bent Creek’s “Seasons of Change Row”, on 28ct Country Mocha with mostly the called for colors… though I’ve changed two of the colors to better match my living room.