a small finish



Stoney Creek’s “Thanksgiving Prayer”, stitched on Potato Lugana (not sure why pic makes it look blue?!) and modified.  It was supposed to have a solid and some random flower bits, but I prefer the simpler look. I think I’ll hang it on the wall above the stove but I’ll frame it with glass to protect it from random spaghetti sauce splashes!

Branson in April

Ooookay… time for a little belated blogging:

Twice a year (in April and November) I go down to Cecilia’s Samplers for a weekend retreat.  Actually it has turned into a 5-day thing, so let’s call it a long weekend.

A gob of stitching friends take over the conference room in a hotel and spend the weekend talking, shopping, eating, stitching, eating, playing games, laughing, shopping, eating, and stitching… here’s a few shots of what that all looks like:

overview of the room

view from my seat

the snack table

pizza night

scrambling for bargains

I usually spend way more time eating and shopping than actually stitching, but this time I came home with a finish!

this, that, + the other

In the spirit of “Spring Cleaning”, I have decided to offer up a bit of my extra stash for sale… there’s a page here on my blog, if you’d care to have a look.  Lots of good stuff, I think!

I did a little Spring stitching, too… this is one of those Trail Creek Farm pillow kits.

AND, I’ve been updating my website with threadholders!  The weather has finally warmed up, so I can get back into the swing of making these- yay!  I have two brand new designs (shown above), plus the Jane Austen themed threadholders are back in stock- double yay!

The last few days have been gorgeous… I just love it when I can open all of the windows.  It’s like being outside, but without the bugs :)

misc. monday

I received a sweet surprise from Sonda… love this tin & fob!

Last week, the snow was coming down in huge chunks like I’ve never seen before!  I had to chuckle at the weather report… guess the weathermen hadn’t seen anything like it before either:

I had a finish!  I designed “warm” with my friends in mind and added it to the “fans only” tab on My Mark’s facebook page: