I made this little quilt at the approach of my fortieth birthday, when I was feeling a bit insecure and hoping that my floatie full of experiences was enough to keep my head above water.  Lately I’ve been feeling as though my floatie has a leak, and I’m wondering whether or not it’s time to head back to shore.

I’ve been thinking of quitting My Mark… retiring, closing up shop, whatever you want to call it.  I haven’t had the time to accomplish everything I wanted to with it, I’ve gotten bogged down in certain “icky” aspects (ie. copyright infringement), I’ve felt guilty that I haven’t been able to produce new designs in a while, I’ve been aggravated at myself for having a whole box full of new items (fobs, etc) that just need to be listed on my website, and I’ve been tired.  Really, really tired of it all.

I’d say I just need to take a step back, but let’s face it– I haven’t had a new release in well over a year so I think I’ve already taken that step.  Now I need to do a little soul-searching, and decide if it’s time to stepforward or if it’s time to back off entirely.

I don’t want you to think that I only have negative feelings about My Mark…  I feel very blessed that I have been able to share my thoughts, my designs, my hopes,  my heart with all of you.   I’ve loved hearing your stories about how my designs inspired you, I’ve had a great time going to markets and getting to know so many people in the industry, and I’ve been amazed at how well my little garden has grown when I’ve made the time to tend it.  And let’s face it, going to work in jammies is quite the perk ;)

For the record, this isn’t a formal announcement… it’s simply me, thinking out loud.

work space

Yesterday was a pretty good working day.  I spruced up a retired design for re-release and kitted it to send to my model stitcher, finished up a new design I had been working on and kitted that one, and started a third.  Today, I’m hoping to finish AND kit that 3rd design… we’ll see if the force is with me or not on that ;)

this, that, + the other

In the spirit of “Spring Cleaning”, I have decided to offer up a bit of my extra stash for sale… there’s a page here on my blog, if you’d care to have a look.  Lots of good stuff, I think!

I did a little Spring stitching, too… this is one of those Trail Creek Farm pillow kits.

AND, I’ve been updating my website with threadholders!  The weather has finally warmed up, so I can get back into the swing of making these- yay!  I have two brand new designs (shown above), plus the Jane Austen themed threadholders are back in stock- double yay!

The last few days have been gorgeous… I just love it when I can open all of the windows.  It’s like being outside, but without the bugs :)

My Mark Stuff

“The Elf” has finally been re-charted (it was lost in a computer crash) and listed on my website.  Also back in stock are: “bookmarks 1“, “grace“, “home“, “home blessing“, and “hoot“.  I apologize for the delays… I’ve had a string of events involving both computer and printer crashes, extra long vacations, and pre-teen girl dramas that kept me away from the business side of things for a while.  All is straightened out now!  Well, except for the drama but I suppose it will be another decade before that calms down so I better just get on with My Mark stuff, eh?

I have another design in the newest CSN magazine– part 2 of my Faith, Family, & Friends series!  I really enjoy doing magazine designs; hope to do lots more :)

I’ve been getting emails about my threadholders… specifically my lack of them!  Here’s the scoop:  the materials I use to make them require ventilation, and we’ve had a pretty harsh Winter.  It’s been too cold to open up the windows and I’m not made of sturdy enough stock to stand outside and try to paint them.  I promise that the very second it’s warm enough to make some more, I will.  One of my Springtime goals is to expand the threadholder line, so new designs will be coming as well.  Thank you, thank you for loving these things as much as I do!

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Saturday? Really?

The Queen sits at the end of the couch next to Moose (not sure how/why he became a couch fixture) and keeps me motivated.  I found her on sale at a Disney outlet (probably because she’s so angry!) and I couldn’t resist the bargain…as it turned out, she was a hoot to have on vacation.  She’d scream, “I hate traffic!” whenever we got stuck at red lights and grouse about the cold weather as I was putting on tights under my jeans so I could explore sunny Florida without freezing to death.  And she absolutely could not stand crowds, long lines, crummy food, lack of internet service, fishy smells, or the least bit of inconvenience.  Now that she’s settled in here at home, she has become something of a drill sergeant.  She’s a real ball of fire, this one.

Here’s a pic of an ornament I received this year– stitched by Harriet as part of my local group’s annual exchange.  I stitched a penguin for Ginger, but I didn’t take a picture of it so I can’t show you that one.  It was pretty cute, though.  Trust me.

The current issue of Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine has the first of my three designs; looks as though they will be spread out over a few issues, too.  I’m jazzed about that :)

I’m going to have a little nap (or make some coffee, haven’t decided yet) and then get to work…  have a Happy Saturday Night!