the stitchbook status

A few years ago, I had TONS of stitchlings–those very small stitched things that serve no real purpose unless you are the type to finish them into fobs, ornaments, and such. OK, I admit that I had good intentions of using them to make fobs, ornaments, and such, when I first stitched them… but they just kept getting piled up in a box so I decided to begin scrapbooking them instead.  It’s a slow (for me) process, but fun to do anyway!

BTW, I previously posted a few details about my mounting methods here and here, in case you’re curious :)

Here are a few pictures of where it’s at as of this week:

Obviously, still a lot of work to go.  Part of the problem is that I don’t have a single spot for scrapping stuff… it’s spread out all around the house.  It takes me forever to gather up my supplies, and then forever to put everything away again after I’m finished.  I probably need one of those organizer cabinets, don’t I?

saturday stitchbookin’

Shoo… I was a woman obsessed today! I spent most of the day working on getting my stitchlings mounted into my stitching scrapbook. I got probably 10 more pages done. Well, done as far as the stitching goes… I still have to go back through and add doodads, journaling, etc. (hoping to do a bit of that tomorrow) Here’s a few pics:

We had a great time at the zoo, and wound up having a tailgate party in the parking lot after hours… it was pretty chilly, though. Fall has officially kicked in around here, and the air is nice and crisp in the mornings and evenings! I always feel my best (both mentally and physically) in the Fall; wish it lasted longer.

stiching scrapbook details

My favorite mounting weapon? Wonder-Under! First I iron on the fusible web to the back side of my stitchling, peel the backing paper off, trim my design, and then iron it right onto the scrapbook background paper. Of course then I have to cover the raw edges with glitter glue, right? (I love glitter!)

Sometimes I iron the stitchling onto a piece of cardstock first, to create a matted look:

I am not a huge fan of regular-sized brads, but I do love to use those cute teensy brads to mount a matted piece onto a page like this:

For larger count fabrics and any sewing/quilting related designs, I prefer to skip the fusible web and just sew them directly to the page. I have been using the zigzag stitch on my machine:

For my pages with a hodge-podge of little bits, I like to use a variety of mounting methods:

I started off with a regular 12 x 12 postbound book, but the pages were heavier than normal (or I just wasn’t very careful) and the page protectors kept getting ripped near the post in the center. I recently found a D-ring style album that closed on both sides and also has an elastic band in there to help keep the pages aligned and started using that instead:

It’s probably not all completely archival, but I’m pretty sure it will last longer than I will! This is just something I’m having fun with. I’ve noticed a few others having fun with it, too– Teejay has pretty embellishments in hers, and Danielle has been noting her stitching details… anyone else?

more stitching scrapbook pages

It’s been raining steadily so I haven’t had much time in the yard… and we’ve had a lot of storms, which means limited computer time. I’ve been stitching, reading, and working on my scrapbook stitchbook instead of doing anything that I really should be doing. BTW, these are 12 x 12 pages:

My stitchbook is just like a normal scrapbook except that where family photos would normally go, I have focused on my stitching. I started doing this because I had so many stitchlings (small XS finishes) that I wanted to keep but didn’t necessarily want to finish as fobs, ornaments, or other things. I didn’t want to just toss them out, either, because I did enjoy stitching them and for the most part I can remember what was going on in my life when I stitched each one.

I have kept all of my driver’s licenses from my very first one until my latest renewal this year. (the new anti-terrorist laws don’t allow for driver’s license historians) This “Drive Safely” page is where I’ll stick them, once I remember where I put them.

A few photos sneak in here and there. Above is my daughter’s Easter picture from a few years ago… she had live rabbits around her (she’s feeding a carrot to the one sitting next to her), very cute stuff. The photo was getting beaten up in my wallet and so I stuck it here on the Easter page. There’s another photo on my Harry Potter page, and of course the DL page will include photos, but the main focus of this scrapbook is cross stitch.

I need to stitch a couple more little snowmen for this page!

I’m planning to put a few HP quotes and the list of titles on my Harry Potter page… or maybe journal my memory of the midnight release party… ?

Obviously, none of these pages is finished yet. My method for doing the stitching scrapbook is to mount a batch of stitchlings on pages first and then go back through later and add embellishments, quotes, more stitched bits, etc. Right now, just 2 of the 26 pages in the book are actually complete. I’ve already got a lot of pics here, so tomorrow I’ll post a few of the close-up pictures and share the different methods I have been using for attaching the stitchlings to pages.