Misc. Monday

In the Beginning fabrics has introduced a new line named after my daughter! Well, I doubt she was the actual inspiration but the name is the same. I kind of like it, and kind of don’t. It’s a little bit of florals, bandanna-ish prints, and country colors. OK, it’s weird. But I might have to get a small bit anyway because mothers do silly things like that.

I’m still making progress on my 2009 project, taking it one stitch at a time. My apologies to those of you who have seen this info a hundred times now, but the title is “His Name is Jesus” and the free chart can be found on the Joyful Expressions website.

Elizabeth has decided it’s time to redecorate her room and had Katie helping her choose colors. Oh dear. There’s no telling what those two will come up with.

I’m just posting this pic because I like the way it turned out. To be honest I’m not a big fan of purple (nevermind that I’m typing this in a half purple room) but I think these scissors fobs look pretty.

And here’s a close-up of the handsome beast, who I’ll have the pleasure of babysitting again in a week or so. Nice house, stocked fridge, jacuzzi, sweet cats… I do love my petsitting ‘vacations’!

In less than a month, I’ll be off to the Nashville TNNA show! Nashville is one of four needlework trade shows held annually by TNNA, the National NeedleArts Association. (The others are California in January, Columbus in June, and St. Charles in September) Here’s a list of exhibitors, if you’re interested. I won’t be exhibiting, but I’ll be working there in a friend’s suite… I enjoy going because I get to see what’s new, visit with some of my friends who I only get to see a few times each year (at shows), and catch up with some of my favorite shop owners as well.

Oh- speaking of stitching shops (weren’t we?), I just found some pictures that I had taken of the newly expanded Cecilia’s Samplers in Branson, MO. I meant to do a blog post when I returned from there last time and forgot all about it! I’ll do that sometime this week, promise. It’s a neat place.

some misc. stuff

I had loosely planned to try to blog every day in January, but it’s the 3rd so my guess is that I won’t be able to meet that goal.

Here’s what those fabric squares ended up becoming… a drawstring bag for my new OttLite. The bag is lined with hot pink fabric; it’s cheery! I used StayzOn inkpads for the fabric stamping:

I made a knitting needle case for a PIF before Christmas… I haven’t heard from the victim recipient, but she should have gotten it by now. The picture doesn’t show, but there’s a stitched patch with her initials on the top side of the flap.

I listed the newest holiday fob on my website today! This one is for Valentine’s, with lots of pretty pearl hearts and crystals. I’m going to try to come up with a special scissors fob for most of the holidays throughout 2010… they’ll all be limited, of course, and will feature promotional pricing. The Christmas fobs sold out pretty quickly; I’m curious to see if that was a fluke or if I’m really not the only one who likes to change fobs like porch geese change their outfits.

And MORE cross stitch stuff has found its way onto my “stash 4 sale” page here at the blog… Thanks so much to everyone who’s been helping me destash so far!

little finish + sewing

I finished this tiny little snowman yesterday, and then I started working on decorating some fabric squares.  My husband got me an Ott Lite for Christmas, and I want to make a carrying case so I can easily tote it around to my stitching weekends.  Here’s a few pics of the process so far…

I’ll post another picture when it’s finished.  Today, maybe?

I’ve been joying a stitching StarWars marathon, too…



I just got these in the mail from Spoonflower, and I love them! The folks at Spoonflower will take your emailed images and turn them into custom fabric for you… I had to give that a try ;)


BTW, the top fabric is based on MM064, “a little love” and the bottom fabric is from MM066, “Halloween blackwork”. I’m loosely planning on making needlebook covers with the first and using the Halloween patch on a tote or purse, but I’m open to ideas if you can think of anything clever I should do with them.

I’ve set a mini-goal for myself to blog almost daily through September… let’s see how that goes. Facebook has put a damper on my blogging because it’s just so much easier to post a quick little snippet than to do an all-out monologue, you know?

Twenty days until the official start of Fall, my favorite season!


art / picture quilt tutorial (part 1)

With all this gloomy weather, I was feeling the need to work on something cheery. I also wanted to play with fabric, so I started a bubble-blowing quilt. I thought I’d share my process here, hoping you’d find it more interesting than yet another round of travel photos.

I first created a simple line drawing on regular printer paper, then put fusible web (sticky side down) over the top and traced the outlines with a pencil. I cut around the outline to get this:


I drew dividing lines randomly on my cutout (they’re random but I always try to stay with the general shape of each element) and used an x-acto knife to cut those pieces apart to get these:


Next I rummaged through my fabric scraps to find the colors I wanted to use. BTW, one of my personal rules for making these little art quilts is that I have to use whatever I have in the scrap tub… it adds an extra challenge and helps to reduce the pile!


After I had my fabrics figured out, I ironed the fusible web bits onto the scraps and cut them out… then remembered that I had forgotten to grab a background fabric!


I wanted this girl to be blowing bubbles in the house so this wallper-ish design was perfect for the background. I peeled the paper backings off all of the fusible bits and laid them on top of the green fabric. It’s like working a puzzle and it usually takes me a few tries before I get the pieces exactly where I want them.


Oh- did you notice that she’s facing opposite of how I drew her? I found out the hard way that lettering (or anything that matters directionally) needs to be reversed before tracing. Anyway, after everything was in place, I ironed the whole shebang. Hmm… I don’t seem to have a picture of that… you’ll have to look at the last pic to see how it all ironed down.

My girl was blowing hot air– she needed some bubbles, asap! Since bubbles are simple round pieces, I used a different approach for making them. I ironed squares of fusible web onto the back of several blue fabric squares and traced around a few round things I had in the kitchen. There’s no need for pre-drawing with easy shapes.


So far so good, but this girl didn’t have any hair! I didn’t want the title of the quilt to be “The Baldheaded Bubble Blower”, so I found some brown fabric and made hair for her:


And then I put the quilt away. The next step will be sewing around the individual pieces and then I’ll start adding embellishments, then…? I never know when these are done until they’re done, if that makes any sense. Very little planning goes into the art quilts I make because an idea can evolve so much during execution. More pics of the next steps when I get around to it :)