hello, February


Usually it’s mid-month before I get around to updating the hallway stitching so even thought I’m merely on time with it, I feel very ahead of the game.   Now, where did the rest of January go?


I have continued working on my big organization project.  Sophie helped me with the fabrics, but was not allowed to help sort the floss:


And I had so much fun on my birthday that it took me almost 3 days to recover.

No, really.

stash haul

Long time no blog…. let’s see if I can catch up a bit!  Here’s an overview of the stitching goodies that followed me home from the Branson retreat in April:

I’m not normally a Just Nan fan, but this crown design caught my eye.  I think it was the little bunnies!  I’ve switched out the threads to Sullivans (love that stuff!) and I plan on stitching the flowers in blues rather then purples:

One of the gifts that everyone got was a fabric organizer that turns an ordinary coffee mug into a cute pencil cup/tool holder…. I was lucky enough to nab an owl design:

I started this at the same time my friend did.  Hers is done, framed, and on display at her home–  mine is still not done and I’m sure I haven’t put more than 2 lengths of thread into it over the past few months:

No getaway is complete without some scissor souvenirs and super cute tools.  The purple scissors and fob set were a surprise gift from a friend– love them:

Cecilia’s was hosting a trunk show from MBT (sorry, Debbie–can’t stand writing out that name because it’s ridiculous) and I swooped up this design:

Every time I go to Cecilia’s (and I go to 2 of their fun weekends a year) tons of stuff follows me home. I’m so grateful they don’t operate an animal rescue or there’s no telling how many pets I’d have at this point.  The silly thing about it all is that it takes me for. ever. to even unpack… I didn’t unpack any of this until last month, and the retreat was in early April!

I’m sure it’s not because I already have too much stitching stuff, though.  Right?

the Branson haul

This time last week I was in Branson, at one of my semiannual stitching retreats.  I left my camera at home this time so I don’t have any pictures of the actual event but I made sure to snap a pic of my yummy stash haul after I unpacked my stitching bag.  I was in a Hinzeit mood, apparently… and I got the fabric cuts and floss for all of them, too!  (they’re in with the chart bags so you can’t see them in the pic)  Of course I also found scissors, fabric, and threads that I couldn’t live without.

That turquoise-y linen on the left?  That’s what I plan to stitch the Six fat men on.  I’ll be changing the “Really Teally” and “Huckleberry” that the design calls for into purples… it’s gonna be bright and cheery for sure. The extra linen cuts are pieces I just liked– I have nothing planned for them.

I fell in love with Theresa’s design, Weeds Make Haste but the colors were just a bit dark for the mood I was in so I picked up a few Threadworx skeins to switch out for what was called for.  And then I had to have a few more skeins for another project which I’ll also probably never get around to stitching.  The Watercolours are ‘just because’…  I’ve been slowly building up my set of Watercolours ‘just because’ I think they’re pretty.

I spent most of my time shopping, visiting, eating, or napping… I didn’t do a whole lot of actual stitching.  I started a few new projects and by now they’ve been tossed into my WIP drawers.  I keep thinking it’s about time for a WIP check post, but I’m almost afraid of what I’ll find!  I’ve been a serial starter this year, to be sure.


Today I bought this floor lamp/magnifier at Joann’s for basically $3. 

Here’s how it all went down: The lamp had a retail pricetag of $126. Joann’s had their lighting on sale for 50% off and I had a coupon good for an extra 20% off sale prices, so my total after tax was $56. 

Because I spent over $50, they gave me a gift card for $10.  That brought the price down to $46.  Technically the gift certificate can’t be used until August 8th, but I mentally subtracted it from today’s total. Whatever ten-dollar item I buy next week will cost me $10 rather than wind up being free, but that’s OK… I’d have probably spent $10 anyway.

The original purpose of my visit today was to return some things I had decided that I wasn’t going to be able to use after all– so I had an “extra” $42 that had already been spent on other things which I could apply towards the lamp, too!   

See, once I spend money I consider it “spent” so if I happen to return something and get that money back, I can in all good conscience mentally discount the amount of the return from the price of the new thing(s) I want to buy instead.  I mean, I had already spent that $42 so what difference does it make if I think of it as spent on the items I just returned or as spent on the lamp?

All in all I only had to shell out four previously unspent dollars for the lamp, but I was short so I bummed a buck from my mother.  There’s my $3.

Oooh- just had a thought: because I’m a professional designer and this is a tool I use for work, the cost is tax deductible.  The full $56.  Heck, I made money by buying this lamp ;)

market goodies!

Don’t automatically believe the negative market report(s) you’ve been reading… the Nashville market was alive and well!  Yes, there were fewer shops in attendance, but exhibitors across the board reported an increase in sales.  And yes, there were a few of the “regular” designers missing, but there really wasn’t much fuss about it.  At least in the happy/good vibes crowd that I run with ;)  There were rumors that the Nashville show for 2012 had been cancelled, but the truth is that it was not listed on the TNNA show calendar because the contracts for satellite shows (those in a hotel rather than a convention center) are negotiated after the current show ends.

I worked hard over the weekend, but had about 2 free hours to walk the show so I was able to do some of the business that I needed to do, and also had a few minutes here and there to chat with friends.  This trip I shared a hotel room with my local shop owner and Sunday night we spread all of her purchases over the beds and I shamelessly shopped that night… my own private Market Day, right?  The picture shows most of the goodies that followed me home, although I hadn’t unpacked my fabrics yet.  Of course, there’s tons of Kelmscott stuff because seriously, how could I be surrounded by that all weekend and not want some of everything??

One happy surprise: the 2 new Flora McSample designs from Lizzie Kate… ADORABLE!  We’re talking instant love here.  I got the Halloween version in St. Charles, which was #1, and these were #2 and #3… I’m hoping Linda can crank out many, many more of these.  Here are closer pictures:

On the way home, Gail & I stopped at Hancock’s of Paducah.  I had never been there, but kept hearing wonderful things about it… truly, I wasn’t all that impressed.  A friend of mine said you have to go during quilt market to feel the excitement, so I won’t write it off my list just yet.   I guess I’ve just been spoiled by some of the pretty quilt shops we have around here. Hancock’s was very warehouse-y.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I managed to find a little fabric anyway:

I’m sure I could have done more damage under normal circumstances, but these show weekends are pretty hard on my my body.  Here it is Thursday morning, and I’m only just now feeling my energy returning.  I didn’t even have the energy to stitch yesterday, but I’m going to give it the old college try today ;)

I’m saving laundry & stuff for tomorrow.