When I first heard that Lisa was missing, I pulled out this WIP and started stitching.  It’s what I do to meditate…pray..send good vibes… whatever you want to call it, when a fellow designer is in need.  I just don’t usually post about it because it’s my personal way of relating to the individual.  I have a few stitched finishes around here that serve as memorials to their creator and sadly, this one will be joining them.

There’s a group  SAL in honor of Lisa on facebook, and Mariah has written a blog post about her mother if you’d care to leave a comment there.

I was planning to write more here, but when it comes right down to it… I don’t think I can.


the online show!


The online needlework show starts this afternoon, and I will have a page again. This show is neat because even though retailers are the only ones who can place orders, everyone gets to have a look at the consumer viewing pages. I usually sit down with a pot of coffee and go through it all once, making notes of what I like, and then go through again a few days later to finalize my shopping list. There are doorprize offerings scattered throughout as well; My Mark is playing along… I’ll be posting the winners here on my blog.


a big fat liar

In my last post I promised that I would continue my market report… it’s not gonna happen. I got caught up working & visiting and forgot to take any pictures! Of course I could describe how the rooms looked and tell you how amazing some of the models were in person, but trust me it won’t have the same effect. I did think to snap a few pics as I was unpacking one of my totes, so I’ll share those instead:




1. two pair blue scissors from Dinky Dyes, white Little Gems and a bee skep Needle Minder from Kelmscott, floss skeins from Threadworx, and a snazzy leaf tape measure from Lantern Moon.

2. One of those big project bags from Stitch A Gift, LK Christmas ABC’s, and something new from Weeks Dye Works: two-stranded floss on a little roll… how cool are these be for motif or monochrome samplers?! Miranda told me that she just started with a few colors, but plans to expand the line.

3. “Quaker Diamonds” by Rosewood Manor. I collect Karen’s charts because they’re pretty… I’ll probably never stitch one. “The Crypt Club” is a fun design by Prairie Moon. The model for the next in the series was on display, too… I have a feeling this skeleton couple is going to have lots of fun over the next year. Now, I’m not usually interested much in witchy things, but Lisa’s “Witches  Hollow” is very clever… I wish you could have seen this model!

I brought home something else from the show, too. After every hotel show, many of the exhibitors and shop owners get this mysterious virus thing- “show sickness”. It got so bad after Nashville that there will be a new location for the 2010 show. I’ve managed to avoid getting it for the last 6 hotel shows, so I guess 7 is my lucky number after all. (she said sarcastically) To my fellow sickies, I hope you feel better soon :)

links to designer’s blogs

At the retreat we started talking about blogs & new releases and I had several requests to post a list of links to designer’s blogs that I’m aware of.  So:

If you know of others, please let me know… I’ll keep editing this post as needed, and put it on a tabbed page when I’m back from vacation.

Edited: Yeeks!  Several of my links were all wonky… fixed now, I think.  Sorry!