Attic Needlework in AZ

I haven’t visited more than about a dozen shops in the US, but The Attic has to be one of the most beautiful in existence. The owner, Jean, does such an amazing job with the store displays… It’s clear she has a passion for cross stitch!
I was fortunate enough to spend an entire Friday hanging out here, and the entire day was just lovely. I met a few fellow designers and a customer who had stitched several of my designs, and also found a few things I needed to buy.










Yep, this is stitching heaven…

stash haul

Long time no blog…. let’s see if I can catch up a bit!  Here’s an overview of the stitching goodies that followed me home from the Branson retreat in April:

I’m not normally a Just Nan fan, but this crown design caught my eye.  I think it was the little bunnies!  I’ve switched out the threads to Sullivans (love that stuff!) and I plan on stitching the flowers in blues rather then purples:

One of the gifts that everyone got was a fabric organizer that turns an ordinary coffee mug into a cute pencil cup/tool holder…. I was lucky enough to nab an owl design:

I started this at the same time my friend did.  Hers is done, framed, and on display at her home–  mine is still not done and I’m sure I haven’t put more than 2 lengths of thread into it over the past few months:

No getaway is complete without some scissor souvenirs and super cute tools.  The purple scissors and fob set were a surprise gift from a friend– love them:

Cecilia’s was hosting a trunk show from MBT (sorry, Debbie–can’t stand writing out that name because it’s ridiculous) and I swooped up this design:

Every time I go to Cecilia’s (and I go to 2 of their fun weekends a year) tons of stuff follows me home. I’m so grateful they don’t operate an animal rescue or there’s no telling how many pets I’d have at this point.  The silly thing about it all is that it takes me for. ever. to even unpack… I didn’t unpack any of this until last month, and the retreat was in early April!

I’m sure it’s not because I already have too much stitching stuff, though.  Right?