hunger games

We finally went to see The Hunger Games!  I thought it was ok, but because I had read the book I was able to fill in a lot of things that were missing.  The family (who hadn’t read the book) mostly just thought it was too long.

Generally speaking, books are better than their movies… but this one takes the cake.  There was no explanation of what the different districts represent, how going into the forest to hunt was illegal, what that smarmy market was used for, the history of the mockingjay pin, who Hamitch even was and why a drunken Woody Harrelson was their mentor.  Nevermind the whole relationship of Gale and Katniss!

And sorry, but Josh Hutcherson looked nothing like the Peeta I imagined from the book.  It was just an odd adaptation all around.  I don’t think we’ll be in any hurry to see Catching Fire whenever it comes out.

Wednesday’s Wonderings

I tend to be about as uptight as the average middle-aged housewife living in the Bible Belt, but I’m genuinely confused by the uproar surrounding “The Playboy Club”.   The show has been cancelled, reportedly because sponsors were pulling ads due to public outcry against the promotion of pornography… but golly gee, the show was hardly pornographic.   A public beach reveals more skin (and action) than this sort-of-historical show does.  What am I missing here?

Another thing I don’t get: the “Occupy Wall Street” protests.  I’ve just spent about an hour reading through the occupiers’ website, a tumblr page, and various news articles, and I can’t seem to figure out the point of the protest.  What do they hope to accomplish?  They have tons of complaints about the current state of the economy but no concrete suggestions for solutions…


Thursday midnight I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.  I saw the movie again yesterday,  and it’s a pretty safe bet that I’ll see it yet again this Friday.  It’s that good.

I had been thinking about posting a movie review, but let’s face it– you’ve either already seen it at least once or you just don’t care if you ever see it.  At any rate, you don’t need me to tell you that: the movie is amazing, the story is wonderful, the special effects are truly magical, and Neville completely rocks.

Apparently I needed a very good wizard to break the spell of blog silence!   Or maybe just a very good movie?

Either way, I’m back.   And I have a new decal on my car:


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